About Us

1st Gate Home-fusion is a joint vision of desert hospitality created by Federica Melchioretto and manoj purohit their dream was to combine the best of ltalian design with the materials and traditional hospitality of rajasthan


She says that she did not choose jaisalmer, rather the city and karma chose her to help her learn what was missing in her life. even a brave women sometimes needs a little serendipity and craziness to take on a new challenge in life, espescially in a new country.



manoj is a nativa of jaisalmer and always dreamed of doing something special to imprave the experience of visitors to his wonderful hometowm. His background in engineering combined with federica's in the hospitality industry allowed them to create a singular guest experience combing traditional indian hospitality with European levels of comfort.
illustrated in the decor of the hotel which combines italian minimalism with indian materials as well as in the rooftop restaurant that features indian dishes alongside authentic italian ones.